6 Essential Components to a Successful Enewsletter

Six. That’s right. Six. There are six components to a successful enewsletter. Here they are:

 1)     A good subject line: the job of a subject line is to get the email opened. It is short and compelling. Don’t write a subject line minutes before sending the email. Wait. Put some thought into it.

 2)     A compelling reason to read: a good enewsletter is about the reader, not your product. If the reader knows that your enewsletters contain something interesting, funny, or useful, they will open it. If it pertains to them or engages their attention, they will open it. If they open it, they will remember you. . . . But if your enewsletters talk only about your product or service, very few people will open it. They may get bored and even unsubscribe.

 3)     A call to action: include a call to action. It can be as simple as, “Have questions about [insert your service]? Call me at 1-858-123-4567.” Or “Please forward this to a friend who might appreciate our services.”

 4)     Consistent branding: how do readers know it’s you? A few seconds may be all the attention they can spare. Make it count! The email should have your logo and photo. The colors and fonts should be consistent with your branding. It should have your contact information in the body of the email. The “from line” in the email should say your name, not your company’s name.  Readers should know in an instant that this enewlsetter is from you.

 5)     A link to connect to you on your website and social media pages: people connect in a variety of ways. Don’t think of enewlsetter clients as only connecting with you via enewsletters. They may also be on Facebook or Twitter.  They may want to search your website to see if you offer additional services. Link. Link. Link. Everywhere.

 6)     Compliance with CAN SPAM laws: this is last because if you’ve set up your enewsletter and your mailing lists properly, you are already in compliance. Plus, you’re offering compelling content (#2) so everyone is opening your email and no one is marking you as spam.

 Enewsletters aren’t rocket science but they do require some thought. When done correctly, they offer your clients content which they appreciate, an opportunity to engage with you through whatever platform works best for them, and a friendly reminder of how much you value their relationship.




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