5 Minute PR Ideas

 Got 5 minutes to spare? Here are 5 different 5 minute PR ideas to try.

1. Get LinkedIn! Sign on to your LinkedIn account and look for new friends. Comb through your friends’ contacts for potential contacts. While you are there, write a quick recommendation for one or two of them. Hopefully, they will repay the favor.

2. Say thanks! Write a quick thank you note to someone whose relationship is important to your work. If you cannot think of a reason to say thank you, “Thinking of you” is also appropriate.

3. Ask for feedback. Sign on to your Facebook account and ask your fans for questions they have about your company. Later, answer those questions on the Facebook page and in your newsletters. While you are on Facebook, check out what your competitors are doing online.

4. Give kudos to a reporter. Shoot a quick email to your local reporter to congratulate him/her on a story in today’s paper. Reporters may not always open an email with press release but I’ve never seen one ignore an email with the subject line: “great article”.

 5. Check in with your clients. Take a moment to talk with clients or donors. Ask them how they found you and what they like best. Do they have any concerns or ideas you can help with? A quick conversation today can inform your activities tomorrow.

A formal PR strategy is an absolute necessity; however, it’s nice to know that if you only have 5 minutes, you can still make a difference.

Do you have a 5 minute PR Strategy? If so, please share it below.


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