Social Media Webinars

Today I am sharing exciting news. As you know, I’ve been working in and consulting for nonprofits for many years. This week I am launching a new service – webinars.

I’m passionate about social media policies. I’ve read so many horror stories about policies that were written badly or weren’t written at all. I hate to see nonprofits get into trouble when it can be avoided.

This webinar series will help. Here are the details:

Webinar #1: Essential Components of a Social Media Policy FREE
Thursday 10/13 from 11am – 11:30am PST
Everyone knows we need a social media policy but few know what to write. This webinar will explain the key elements of a social media policy. It will provide ideas on what to include and what you should absolutely never include (unless you want to be sued). You’ll also receive resources and sample policies.

Webinar#2: Before you Write the Grant: Three Steps to Starting on  ocial Media $35
Thursday 11/3 from 11am – 12pm PST
There are three things you must do before you start on social media. We’ll review these three steps and provide practical tips on how to get your agency started in social media without over committing yourself.  We’ll look at metrics and evaluation. We’ll highlight best practices from agencies local and national.  When you write that grant, you will be confident your program design will get a funder’s attention.

Webinar #3: The 7 Social Media Mistakes Most Nonprofits Make (but you can avoid) $35
Thursday 11/17 from 11am – 12pm PST
This webinar will cover the 7 mistakes most nonprofits make on social media and how you can avoid them. These mistakes can damage your reputation at best and lead to law suits at worst. The good news? You can easily avoid them. The discussion will run the gamut from marketing to fundraising, policy to employee education. We’ll highlight best practices and provide tips you can use right away.

Upcoming Webinars include:

  • The 9 Laws Companies Most Often Break on Social Media
  • Social Media for Execs and Board Members . . .Let’s talk about privacy
  • Online Fundraising: Paving the Way to Success

For more information or to register:
To receive emails about upcoming webinars: Click Here

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Have an idea for a future topic? Add it to the comments below.


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