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10 Tweets for Your Back Pocket

 Using social media as a marketing tool does not have to take a lot of time. In another blog, I discuss ways it can be managed in 5 minutes or less per day and still be successful. . . but that doesn’t help you today, does it?

 If are sitting at your desk wondering, “what can I possibly tweet today?”, here are 10 tweets to save in your back pocket.

  1. Share a success. Comb through your monthly reports for ‘tweetable’ material. There is surely something to share.
  2. Tweet a mini-book or article review for whatever you’re reading, preferably related to your business or cause.
  3. Tweet a lesser known fact about your business.
  4. Tweet a quote. If the quote ties into your mission, even better. Try www.quoteland.com for inspiration.
  5. Tweet a “thank you” to a recent customer or donor. (Note – make sure they would want to be acknowledged publically.)
  6. Tweet a ‘shout out’ to someone you think is doing great work and deserves recognition.
  7. Tweet a reply to someone else’s tweet. See if you can add to the conversation. If not, acknowledge their insights.
  8. Tweet a tweet. Scroll through your Home Page and retweet something you find interesting.
  9. Tweet a ‘Thanks for the retweeet!” to the last person who retweeted you.
  10.  Tweet a request for questions. Let your followers tell you what they want to hear from you.

While it is important to have a social media strategy, it is equally important to respond to the needs of the day. These 10 tweets can be used any day, any time. Tweet away!