Current Role:

Prior Roles:

Courses Taught:

  • Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings (FYC 4409)
  • Nonprofit Organizational Leadership (FYC 4408)
  • Human Resources for Nonprofits (FYC 4428 & 6932)
  • Nonprofit Sector and Management Fundamentals (LEAD 501), University of San Diego
  • Overview of Nonprofit Management (MGT X800), University of San Diego
  • Worldview and Adult Development (LED 620), National University

Additional Curriculum Development

  • Human Environments (SCD 610), National University
  • Overview of Nonprofit Management (MGT X800; online course), University of San Diego
  • Planning and Evaluation (SCD 680), National University
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Innovations in Creating Social Value (LEAD 579), University of San Diego

Student Feedback*

“Professor Jones was very helpful in supporting student learning. Her approach was very calm and interactive. The perfect combination. I loved this course.”

“The teacher was great and cared about her students plus very passionate about teaching. I would love to have her again.”

“Outstanding instructor. Enjoyed the class. Receptive to the class needs and questions.”

“The class was absolutely amazing – great discussions! Never experienced this in any class before.”

*Anonymous feedback via student evaluations

Additional student feedback available: https://evaluations.ufl.edu/evals/Default.aspx


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